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trombone duet


23 Canzon a 2 Bassi (for 2 Bass Instruments), Salaverde Ed: Kastner
Arcangelo Corelli: Sonata in G minor
Bach: Two Part Inventions (Trombone Duet)
Baker: Cookin' Duets -Bass Clef (Modern Jazz Duets Vol.1)
Baker: Smokin' Duets -Bass Clef (Modern Jazz Duets Vol.2)
Blazhevich: Concert Duets

Bumper Brass (Trombone Duets - Treble Clef)
Christopher Wiggins- Two's Company (for Two Trombones)
Christopher Wiggins: Eight for a Start op. 157a for 2 Trombones & Piano
Christopher Wiggins: Two's Company Op.157B TC (Trombone Duet)
Clark: Progressive Duets for Trombone (Volume 1)
Compatible Duets for Winds (Bassoon, Trombone, Euphonium)
Contrapunctal Duets Volume D (Trombone Duet)
Contrapunctal Duets Volume E (Trombone Duet)
Corelli: Three Sonatas Opi 2 Or 3 Trom (Trombone Duet)
Cornett: 6 Concert Duos (Trombone Duet)
Cornette: 6 Duos concertants (Trombone Duet)
Couillaud: 12 Duos concertants (Trombone Duet)
Couillaud: 4 Etudes en Forme de Duos (Trombone Duet)
Couillaud: Etudes en Duo d'apr
Desportes: 20 Petites Pi
Desportes: Trombonades (Trombone Duet)
Dubois: Cahin-caha Vol. 2 (Trombone Duet)
Dubois: Cahin-caha Vol.1 (Trombone Duet)
Duets for All (Trombone/baritone bass clef or bassoon)
Edwards: Seven Deadly Duets
Fun for Two with Tchaikovsky (Trombone Duet)
Genzmer: Duos (12) (Trombone Duet)
Instrumental Magic-TV & Movie Themes
Israel: Sonata (Trombone Duet)
James Curnow: Gospel for Two (Trombone Duet)
Look, Listen & Learn 2 - Duo Book (Trombone BC)
Mignion: 20 Canons (Trombone Duet)
Nikkel: Duo Album (Trombone Duet)
Philip Sparke: Super Duets - 15 Progressive Duets
Scott Joplin: Eight Rags for 2 Trombones
Selected Duets for Trombone or Baritone - Volume 1, Himie Voxman
Selected Duets for Trombone or Baritone - Volume 2, Himie Voxman
Senon: Miniatures-Jazz (Trombone Duet)