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trombone quartet


007 - James Bond (Trombone Quartet) Score & Parts
8 Trombone Quartets (based on Sacred Vocal Works)

Ameller: Aeramen Op.92 (Trombone Quartet)
Anon.: Ballet
Bach: 16 Chorales (Trombone Quartet)
Bach: Aria (from the Suite BWV1068 in D) (Trombone Quartet)
Bach: Fugue, from Sonata No.1 (Trombone Quartet)
Bassett: Duos ((or 4) Trombones Trombone)
Beethoven: 3 Equali for 4 Trombones (Score & Parts)
Beethoven: 3 Equali for Trombone Quartet (Score & Parts)
Beethoven: Three Equali for Trombone Quartet (Score & Parts)
Boutry: 5 Pi
Boutry: 5 Pi

Buxton Orr: 5 Sketches for 4 Trombones (Score & Parts)
Carles: Lamento et Marche UMP43805 (Trombone Quartet)
Carles: Lamento et Marche UMP44455 (Trombone Quartet)
Chapman: Suite of Three Cities (Trombone Quartet)
Charpentier: Quatuor de Forme liturgique (Trombone Quartet)
Chris Culver: Quartet for Trombones
Christopher Brubeck: Flight of the Four Kings (Trombone Quartet)
Cohen: Andantino (Trombone Quartet) Score & Parts
Defaye: 4 Pièces - Trombone Quartet (Score & Parts)
Desloges: 6 Pi
Desportes: 20 Pi
Dorward: Little Suite for Four Trombones - ( Score & Parts )
Dubois: A Toute Coulisse Vol.1 (Trombone Quartet)
Dubois: A Toute Coulisse Vol.2 (Trombone Quartet)

English Dances of the 16th Century (Trombone Quartet)
Farrell: Fanfare Brillante (Trombone Quartet)
Fillmore: Lassus Trombone
Finney: Tubes I (Trombone Quartet)
Four Madrigals (Trombone Quartet)
Franz Joseph Haydn: Achieved is the Glorious Work - from The Creation
Gazebo Series - When The Saints Go Marching In (Trombone Quartet)
Gow: Suite Op. 57 for 4 Trombones (Score & Parts)
Handel: The Glory Of The Lord 4Trom (Trombone Quartet)
Lantier: Trombone Quartet (Quatuor)
Loch Lomond for Trombone Quartet
Ludwig van Beethoven: Three Equale 4Trom Scpts (Trombone Quartet)