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trumpet duet


 Two for Easter - 16 Duets for Bb Instruments
14 Duets for Trumpet
2 Duets - Rimsky-Korsakov  - Trp duet
31 Easy Duets
31 Easy Duets

A due. Trp-Musik 17. u.18.Jhd. (Trumpet Duet)
Adler: Trumpetry
Albinoni: Concerto
Albinoni: Concerto
Albinoni: Concerto
Andrew Hurrell: Bumper Brass (Trumpet Duet)
Andrew Hurrell: ZOO Time
Andrieu: Les Deux Bavards (Polka) (Trumpet Duet)
Arban: Easy Duets for Two Trumpets
Bach for two Trumpets
Bach: 25 Chorals (Trumpet Duet)
Bach: Erschallet ihr Lieder... (Trumpet Duet)
Baudrier: Fughetta (C or Bb trumpets)
Beekum: Easy Duets
Belwin Masters Duets Volume 2 Trumpet Advanced
Biondi: Jazz Duets Trumpet Edition
Bissat: 15 Duos (Trumpet Duet)
Boeck: Allegro de Concours (Trumpet Duet)
Boutry: Alektos (Trumpet Duet)
Boyce: Voluntary No.1 in D major (Trumpet Duet)
Carles: Danse dans le Style ancien (Trumpet Duet)

Charpentier: Pr
Christopher Wiggins- Two's Company (for Two Trumpets)
Clark: Progressive Duets for Trumpet (Volume 2)
Classens: Parades No.1 & No.2 (Trumpet Duet)
Clodomir: Heures musicales Op.15, Vol.A  6 Petites Duos (Trumpet Duet)
Clodomir: Heures musicales Op.15, Vol.B  6 Duos faciles (Trumpet Duet)
Concerto in F major: Fasch J.F (Trumpet Duet)
Courbois: Air triomphal (Trumpet Duet)
Defaye: 6 Etudes UMP3490 (Trumpet Duet)
Double Act - Christmas Duets for Trumpet
Double Act - Duets for Trumpet
Dubois: Histoire de Trompettes (Trumpet Duet)
Dubois: Suite br
Duette, 41 - Wurm,W