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trumpet duet


 Two for Easter - 16 Duets for Bb Instruments
2 Duets - Rimsky-Korsakov  - Trp duet
A due. Trp-Musik 17. u.18.Jhd. (Trumpet Duet)
Adler: Trumpetry
Arban: Easy Duets for Two Trumpets
Bach for two Trumpets
Bissat: 15 Duos (Trumpet Duet)
Boutry: Alektos (Trumpet Duet)
Bryan Kelly: Fanfares and Interludes (Trumpet Duet)
Christopher Wiggins- Two's Company (for Two Trumpets)
Clark: Progressive Duets for Trumpet (Volume 2)
Double Act - Duets for Trumpet
Duette, 41 - Wurm,W
Duplex: Lacour G (Trumpet Duet)
Eben: Duetti
Eben: Duetti

Escher: 20 Jazz-Duets Vol. 2 Advanced
Escher: Swinging Trumpets 20 leichte Duette
Five for Two, Volume 1 (Duets) - Bb Treble Clef Brass
Five for Two, Volume 2 (Duets) - Bb Treble Clef Brass
Five for Two, Volume 3 (Duets) - Bb Treble Clef Brass
Five for Two, Volume 4 (Duets) - Bb Treble Clef Brass
Fritz Pauer: Jazz and Latin Duets for Trumpet
Göhmann: Jingle Bells Famous Christmas Tunes (Trumpet Duet)
Gospel for Two (Clarinet, Trumpet and others)
Haydn Harris: Jazzyjuets (Trumpet Duet)
Hering: Trumpets for Two
James Rae: Screwball! (Trumpet Duet)
Jenö Takács: Trumpet Studio 2, Op.99
John Dutton: Ten Duets, brass band brass
John Dutton: Ten Duets, orchestral brass
Lluch: 24 Duets, tpts (2)
Loup: 11 Petits Duos UMP87786 (Trumpet Duet)
Miller: Two by Two (Trumpet Duets) ARCHIVE copy
Niehaus: 10 Jazz Inventions for 2 Trumpets
Pezel: 3 Sonatas No.22, No.25 and No.30 'Hora Decima' (Trumpet Duet)
Pop Duets for All (Revised & Updated) Bb Trumpet/Baritone T.C.
Sachse: Six Duets
Salzedo: Sacavin Fanfares  (E176) (Trumpet Duet)
Schmitz: My First Trumpet Duets
Schneider: First Trumpet Pieces (Songs, Dances & Pieces)