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tuba solo


 ABRSM: Music Medals Brass 2 Options Practice Book
15 Studies for Phrasing and Velocity (Tuba Solo)
31 Etudes brillantes: Bl
Ach Es...Musik F Tb Solo(1991) - Schluenz,A
Ameller: Kryptos.  Study for Trombone or Tuba
Anon.: Chansons et Rondes enfantines (Tuba Solo)
Antoniou: Likes (6) (Tuba Solo)
Approaching the Standards, Volume 1 (Bass Clef Book)
Approaching the Standards, Volume 3 (Bass Clef Book)
Bach: Suites pour Violoncelle seul (Cello Suites) (Bass Trombone Solo)
Ballif: Solfeggietto Op.36, No.7 (Tuba Solo)
Cherubini: Etudes diverses (Tuba Solo)
Copland for Tuba (Part only), Aaron Copland
Dalbavie: Petit Interlude UMP43434 (Tuba Solo)
Defaye: 6 Etudes UMP5556 (Tuba Solo)
Don Blakeson: Smooth Groove for Tuba (Bass Clef) Book & CD
Dubrovay: Caprice - Tuba Solo
Echanges, Single Brass Player, Globokar
Gallay: 40 Preludes Op.27 (Tuba Solo)
Girard: 15 Etudes de Concours (Tuba Solo)
Girard: 15 Etudes sur le Phras
Girard: 24 Etudes sur la Tessiture et la Technique (Tuba Solo)
Girard: 24 Studies for Rhythm and Staccato (Tuba Solo)
Girard: 50 Etudes faciles et progressives Volume 1 (Tuba Solo)
Girard: 50 Etudes faciles et progressives Volume 2 (Tuba Solo)
Glass: Prelude, Waltz & Finale (E510) (Tuba Solo)
Great Winners for Tuba (Part & CD), Peter Lawrance
Great Winners for Tuba (Part only), Peter Lawrance
Harrington: Blues Improvisation Complete C Bass
Hartley: Suite for unaccompanied Tuba
Israel: Suite (Tuba Solo)
Jock McKenzie: Dance to the Beat of the World (Tuba Bass Clef)
John La Porta: A Guide To Jazz Improvisation: Bass Clef (Book & CD)
Joubert: Petite Suite (Tuba Solo)
Kagel Miram Tuba
Kay Charlton: Tubalosity for solo tuba
Latin Swing: Trombone/Tuba with free cd
Lelong: Sp
Lelong: Sp

Lelong: Sp
Lelong: Sp

Martin: Aldebaran (Tuba Solo)