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tuba studies


Cranston: 10 Progressive Studies/12 Progressive Lip Flexibility (Tuba)
Derek Bourgeois: Fantasy Pieces for Tuba (Bass Clef)
Derek Bourgeois: Per Tuba ad Astra (Bass Clef)
Edward Gregson: 20 Supplementary Tunes for Tuba (Bass Clef)
Endresen: Supplementary Studies for Eb (or Bb) Basses
Getchell: First Book of Practical Studies for Tuba
Getchell: Second Book of Practical Studies for Tuba
Green: Tuba Eurhythmics (Bass Clef)
Green: Tuba Eurhythmics (Eb Treble Clef)
Jock McKenzie: Music Makes the World Go Round (Bass Clef) Tuba Studies
Jock McKenzie: Rhythms of Life (Bass Clef) Tuba Studies
Lawrance: Featuring Melody for Tuba (Bass Clef)
Lawrance: Featuring Melody for Tuba/Eb Bass (Treble Clef)
Nightingale: Easy Jazzy Tudes for Tuba (Bass Clef) Easy Jazzytudes WITH CD
Orchesterstudien für Tuba Vol.1
Orchesterstudien für Tuba Vol.2
Peter Lawrance: Featuring Melody for Treble Clef Brass (Studies)
Philip Sparke: Skilful Studies - Tuba in C
Philip Sparke: Starter Studies - Tuba
Reck: 5 Studies for Solo Tuba
Sparke: Super Studies - Tuba
Stuart Johnson: The Tuneful Tuba (Studies) Bass Clef
Stuart Johnson: The Tuneful Tuba (Studies) Treble Clef
Studies for Tuba: Grades 3-8
Tyrell: Advanced Studies for Bb Bass
Tyrell: Advanced Studies for Eb Bass
Vasiliev: 24 Melodious Etudes (Tuba Studies)
Vladislav Blazhevich: 70 Etudes for Tuba - Volume 1