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two clarinets & piano


Armitage: Ballad (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Backofen: Concertante Op.10 (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Baermann: Duo Concertant Op.33 (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Concertos in F major/C major - Keyboard reduction (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Devienne: Symphony Concertante in Bb major Op. 25 (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Etienne Solere: Sinfonie Concertante No.1 in F (2 Bb Clarinets & Piano)
Five (5) Slavonic Dances for 2 Clarinets and Piano, Dvorak arr. James Rae
Flower Duet from Lakmé (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Franz Krommer: Concerto in Eb Op. 35 (2 Clarinets & Piano)
Genzmer: Concerto for Two Clarinets and Strings (Piano Reduction)
Georges Bizet: Duet from The Pearl Fishers (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Hoffmeister: Concerto in Eb major (2 Clarinets & Piano)
Jean-Michel Damase: Rondeau (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Kodály: Háry János (6 Easy Pieces) for 2 Clarinets & Piano
Köhler: Valse des Fleurs Op.87 (Two Flutes/Clarinets & Piano)
Konzertstück für Klarinette, Bassetthorn und Klavier Nr.1 F-moll
Krommer: Concerto in Eb Op. 91 (2 Clarinets & Piano)
Mahr: Alleweil lustig Polka (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Mendelssohn: 2 Konzertstücke Op.113, 114 (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky: 5 Pieces from 'Pictures at an Exhibition'
Mozart: Masonic Adagio K411 (E293) (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Schmitz: Pop Collection - 62 Performance Pieces for Clarinets (Volume 1)
Schubert: Le Patre sur la Montagne D965 (Op.129) (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Solere: Sinfonie Concertante No.1 in F (2 C Clarinets & Piano)
Stamitz: Concerto in Bb for 2 Clarinets (Piano Reduction), ed. Möhlich
Telemann: Concerto in D minor TWV 52 d1 (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Wedding Music (Part(s) Clarinet Piano accomp.; Duet)
Weill: 6 pieces from "The Threepenny Opera" (Two Clarinets & Piano)
Wiggins: Eight for a Start op. 157a for 2 Clarinets in Bb & Piano
Wiggins: Eight for a Start Op.157a (Two Clarinets & Piano)