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two flutes & piano


3 Trietti Metodichi e 3 Scherzi Vol. 1 for 2 Flutes (Violins) & B.C.
Adolphe Adam: Cantique de Noel (O Holy Night)
Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata "La Follia" RV63 (Score & Parts)
Bach JS Triosonate Gmaj 2Fl Bc (Two Flutes & Piano)
Bach: Trio Sonata in G (BWV 1039) Urtext (Two Flutes & Piano)
Bach: Trio Sonata in G major BWV 1039 (Two Flutes & Piano)
Bach: Trio Sonata in G Major, BWV1038
Bartholdy: Mendelssohn Selected Midsummer (Two Flutes & Piano)
Berlioz Trio 2 Fl Harp(Or Pft Cemb) (Two Flutes & Piano)
Berlioz Trio 2Fl Gtr (Two Flutes & Piano)
Bizet: Chanson bohème (Two Flutes & Piano)
Boehm: Two Duets (from songs by Mendelssohn and Lachner)
Breuer: Kleine Serenade (Two Flutes & Piano)
Brian Harrison: Latin Pick & Mix - Woodwind
Bruckner Christmas Concert 2Fl Pft (Two Flutes & Piano)
Chon: Double Tootin' Flutes
Christopher Wiggins: Eight for a Start op. 157a for 2 Flutes & Piano
Cimarosa: Concerto in G for 2 Flutes
Clarke: Maya (Two Flutes & Piano)
Concerto in G major - Cimarosa  - 2 flutes & pno
Damase: Trio for 2 Flutes & Piano
Dance of the Cygnets & Minuet: 2 Flutes with Piano
David Heath: Return To Avalon (Two Flutes & Piano)
Debussy: Children's Corner (Two Flutes & Piano)
Debussy: Petite Suite (Two Flutes & Piano)
Devienne: Symphony Concertante in G major Op. 76 (2 Flutes/Piano)
Dieter: Concerto concertant No.3 (Two Flutes & Piano)
Donjon: Tracoline Op.6 (Two Flutes & Piano)
Doppler: Andante and Rondo Op. 25 (2 Flutes & Piano)
Doppler: Andante et Rondo Op.25 (Two Flutes & Piano)
Doppler: Concert-Paraphrase sur 'Die Verschworenen' (Two Flutes & Piano)
Doppler: Concerto in D minor for 2 Flutes (Piano Reduction)
Doppler: Duettino hongrois Op.36 (Two Flutes & Piano)
Doppler: Duettino Op.36 (2 Flute & Piano)
Doppler: La Sonnambula Op.42, Paraphrase (Two Flutes & Piano)
Duet (Duo) in E minor Busoni-Verz. 156 (Two Flutes & Piano)
Ernesto Köhler: Valse des Fleurs Op.87 (Two Flutes & Piano)
Fauré: A Fauré Flute Album
Fauré: Kitty-Valse Op.56, No.4 UMP65616 (Two Flutes & Piano)
Fauré: Le Pas espagnol Op.56, No.6 UMP65618 (Two Flutes & Piano)