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two violins & cello


3 London Trios Hob.IV/1-3 (Two Violins & Cello)
Baroque Trio Sonata
CPE Bach: Trio Sonata in F Major Wq 154
Dittersdorf: Divertimento in E Major (2 Violins & Cello)
Franz Joseph Haydn: String Trios, Volume 1 (Henle Urtext)
George Frideric Handel: Trio Sonata, Op.2 No. 8 in G minor
Haydn: 2 Mélodies en Trio (Score & Parts)
Haydn: 5 Eisenstadt Trios (2 Violins & Cello)
Haydn: String Trio No. 04 in Eb major Hob. V:4
Haydn: String Trio No. 14 in D major Hob. V:15
Haydn: String Trio No. 21 in G major Hob. V:G1
Haydn: String Trio No. 29 in C major Hob. V:C4
Haydn: String Trios, Volume 2 (Henle Urtext)
Haydn: String Trios, Volume 2 (Nos. 15-24)
Haydn: String Trios, Volume 3 (Nos. 25-34)
Haydn: Trio in G major Hob V:20 (2 Violins & Cello)
Huber: Divertimento in G for 2 Violins & Cello (Score & Parts)
Ignaz Pleyel: String Trio in E minor, B.407
Jean-Marie Leclair: Trio Sonata in Bb Major (Lengnick Archive)
Johann Pachelbel: 2 Trio Suites (C Major, B-Flat Major)
Johann Pachelbel: 2 Trio Suites (Eb Major, E Minor)
Leopold Mozart: Divertimento in Bb Major (Score & Parts)
Leopold Mozart: Divertimento in D major (Score & Parts)
Michael Rose: Five Pieces for String Trio (Two Violins & Cello)
Mostly Handel for String Trio, arr. Philip Clark
Play Trios for Strings! Grade 3-5 upwards
Reicha: Sonata for Two Violins and Cello
The String Trio Volume 1 (Two Violins & Cello)
Wedding Album 2 for String Trio (PARTS), Arr. Lynne Latham
Wedding Album 3 for String Trio (PARTS), arr. Lynne Latham