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A Mosaic for Father Popieluszko, Vln & Guit., M. Berkeley
A Navarra: Quattro Divertimenti  op.61 for Flute (or Violin) and Chitarra
Abel: Sonata in A Major for Violin & 2 Guitars
Angelo: Introduzione e Aria (Violin & Guitar)
Bach: Sonata No. 4 in C major, BWV1033 (Flute/Violin & Guitar)
C Machado: Musique populaire bresilienne (Violin & Guitar)
Call: Very Easy Serenade (Serenade très facile), Op.55 (Violin & Guitar)
Corelli: Sonata in D minor, Op.5/7 (Violin & Guitar)
Corelli: Sonata in E minor, Op.5/8 (Violin & Guitar)
Duos en Toutes Saisons UMP44953 (Violin & Guitar)
Efthymiou: Two Reflections - Playing score (Violin & Guitar)
Fauré: Pièce - for Flute (or Oboe or Violin) and Guitar
Gonzales: 2 Aires de Pasillo colombiano (Violin & Guitar)
Gonzales: Danza de los Amantes efimeros (Violin & Guitar)
Handel: Sonate Amaj Op1/3 Vln Gtr (Violin & Guitar)
Heck: 21 Pieces for Violin with Guitar
Ibert: Paraboles UMP4589 (Violin & Guitar)
Leisner: Dances in the Madhouse (Violin/Flute & Guitar)
Leisner: Nostalgia (Flute & Guitar)
Leisner: Sonata for Violin and Guitar
Locatelli: Sinfonia in D minor (Violin & Guitar)
Mauro Giuliani: Duo Concertant Op. 25 for Violin & Guitar
Mes Premiers Pas Vol.1   Vln & Gtr
Millet: Milonga final (Violin & Guitar)
Minsky: Young American Ensembles (Violins & Guitars) ARCHIVE copy
Mozart: 4 Little Pieces (Kleine Stucke) for Violin and Guitar
Nicolò Paganini: 12 Duets for Violin & Guitar Volume 1
Nicolò Paganini: Centone di Sonate 7-12 for Violin and Guitar
Nicolò Paganini: Duetto Amoroso for Violin and Guitar
Nicolò Paganini: Sonata, Op.3 No. 5 for Violin and Guitar (Gb17)
Nin y Castellanos: Suite espagnole (Violin & Guitar)
Ourkouzounov: Sonatina bulgarica (Violin & Guitar)
Paganini: Barucabà, Op.14 (Violin & Guitar)
Paganini: Cantabile for Violin and Piano (or Guitar)
Paganini: Centone di Sonate 1-6 for Violin and Guitar
Paganini: Grand Sonata in A major (Violin & Guitar)
Paganini: Sonata Concertata in A Major (Violin & Guitar)
Paganini: Sonata in E minor, Op.3 No. 6 for Violin and Guitar (Gb59)
Paganini: Sonata in E Minor, Op.3/6 (Violin & Guitar)
Paganini: Sonata Op.3 No. 1 for Violin and Guitar (Gb69)