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 Sumsion: Ascension and Pentecost SATB (Vocal Score)
A Festive Welcome (unison chorus) (Vocal Score)
A Little Bit Of Heaven SATB (Vocal Score)
A New Song for Christmas (mixed voice choirs) (Vocal Score)
A New Song for Christmas (SA men choirs) (Vocal Score)
A New Song for Christmas (upper voice choirs) (Vocal Score)
A Quiet Place (Vocal Score), Bernstein & Wadsworth
Abraham: Victoria et son Hussard (Vocal Score)
Adès: Tempest, The (Vocal Score)
Adiemus Songs Of Sanctuary, Karl Jenkins (SSAA - 10 copies)
Advent Carol - Holtby, Shephard  - Vsc (Vocal Score)
Alan Bullard Anthems (SATB) Vocal Score
Alison Carver: Nearly No Nativity (Vocal Score)
All Creatures of our God and King - Rutter  - Vsc (Vocal Score)
Allegri: Miserere (SSATB + SSAB soloists), ed. John Rutter
Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt - Praetorius  - Vsc (Vocal Score)
Amen, Go Tell It  3Pt Mixed (Vocal Score)
Anderson: Four American Choruses (FNCW) (Vocal Score)
Andrew Carter Anthems (SATB) Vocal Score
Andrew Carter: Benedicite - Vocal score
Andrew Lloyd Webber: Requiem (Vocal Score)
Angerer: 50 Kanons (Vocal Score)
Anglican Hymns Old and New - Full Music Edition (Vocal Score)
Anglican Hymns Old and New - Large Print (Vocal Score)
Anglican Hymns Old and New - Melody Edition (Vocal Score)
Anima Christi - Warren  - Vsc (Vocal Score)
Anka, Francois, Revaux: My Way (TTBB) Vocal Score
Anne of Green Gables (vocal score), Vocal Score
Antonín Dvorák: Mass in D major Op.86 (Vocal Score) Urtext
Antonín Dvorák: Stabat Mater, Op.58 (Vocal Score)
Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria in D - Vocal Score
Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV589 (Vocal Score) ed. Malipiero
Any Dream Will Do (Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) - SS
Archer: Eternal Light, shine into our hearts (Vocal Score)
Archer: Jesus Christ the Apple Tree ((female); version mixed) (Vocal Score)
Archer: Make we joy now in this fest (Vocal Score)
Archer: My God, my God, look upon me (Vocal Score)
Archer: The River of the Water of Life (Vocal Score)
Argento: Dover Beach Revisited (Vocal Score)
Argento: The Choirmaster's Burial, Choral Score