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10 Easy Lessons Learn to Sing (Book, CD & DVD) (Vocal Tutor)
21 Bebop Exercises (for Vocalists and Instrumentalists) with CD
Abt: Practical Singing Tutor, Op.474 (Complete) Soprano/Tenor
Alfred's Teach Yourself to Sing (Book & Enhanced CD) (Vocal Tutor)
Alviani: Voiceworks (Vocal Tutor)
Banda: Singing for Beginners - An Easy Beginning Method (Book & CD)
Basic Vocal Workout
Bates: Interval Song - Education Pack (with CD) (Vocal Tutor)
Baxter: The Singer's Toolbox DVD (Vocal Tutor)
Bob: Scat! Vocal Improvisation Techniques
Born To Sing (Vocal Tutor)
Caruso's Method of Voice Production (Vocal Tutor)
Caruso: On the Art of Singing (Vocal Tutor)
Choral Method Hand Signs - Zoltan Kodaly
Complete Singing Manual (Book & 2 CDs) (Vocal Tutor)
Contemporary Singing Techniques: Men's Edition (Vocal Tutor)
Contemporary Singing Techniques: Women's Edition (Vocal Tutor)
Crocker: Warm-Ups And Work-Outs For The Developing Choir Vol. 1
Crocker: Warm-Ups And Work-Outs For The Developing Choir Volume 2
Deutsch: Musicianship For Singers (Vocal Tutor)
Essential Musicianship Book 1: Teacher's Book (Vocal Tutor)
Essential Rep Yng Chr Lv1 Mix/Tchr (Vocal Tutor)
Essential Rep Yng Chr Lv1 Mx/Stdnt (Vocal Tutor)
Essential Rep Yng Chr Lv1 Tre/Tchr (Vocal Tutor)
Filz: Vocal Percussion 1 - Drums 'n' Voice (with CD) English edition
Filz: Vocal Percussion 3 – beatboxing/techno (with CD) German Edition
Giuseppe Concone: Fifty Lessons Op.9 For Medium Voice (Vocal Tutor)
Gluck: The Art of Singing (Vocal Tutor)
Graham Hewitt: How To Sing (Vocal Tutor)
Harmony Singing Bk/CD - Mazer, Susan (Vocal Tutor)
Harmony Vocals: The Essential Guide (Book & CD)
Heidi Pegler/Pam Wedgwood: It's Never Too Late To Sing (with 2 CDs)
Heinrich Panofka: Art Of Singing Op.81 (Vocal Tutor)
Jazz Phrasing: A Workshop for the Jazz Vocalist (Book & CD)
Jeffrey Allen's Guide to Karaoke Confidence (Vocal Tutor)
Josefs: Writing Music For Hit Songs (Second Edition) (Vocal Tutor)
Kagen: On Studying Singing (Vocal Tutor)
Kodály: Choir-Method. Epigrams for 2 Voices I742 Vol. 2 (Vocal Tutor)
Kodály: Choir-Method. Epigrams Vol. 1 Epigramme (Vocal Tutor)
Kodály: Let Us Sing Correctly - Kodaly,Z (Vocal Tutor)