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voice (alto)


4 old Songs (Alto & Viola), Ottmar Gerster
Albinoni: Two cantatas - Full score and parts (Voice (alto))
Bach: Aria Book, The  Alto (Urtext)
Brahms: A German Requiem Op.45 (Alto Part - 2 CDs) Music Partner
Brahms: Two Songs Contralto Vce Pft
Britten: Cradle Song, A (soprano, alto and piano)
Brixi: Quem vidistis Pastores
Bruckner: Ave Maria Altvce/Org (Pft/Harm
Canonic Suite for four Alto Saxophones (Score/Parts), Elliott Carter
Crawford Seeger: Five Songs for Contralto and Piano (Voice (alto))
Eloy: Pour les Simples (alto)
Fauré: Requiem Op.48 - Alto Part (CD) - Music Partner (Voice (alto))
Handel, Gf I Will Magnify Thee Alto/piano
Handel: Cantatas for alto and continuo
Horvarth: Die Blinde (Voice (alto))
Hovhaness: In the Beginning was the Word Op. 206 (Voice (alto))
Isori Altitaliensche Arien Bk1 Vce Pft Vol. 1
Isori Altitaliensche Arien Bk2 Vce Pft Vol. 2
Kleines geistliches Konzert (Alto & Viola), Hermann Reutter
Lavignac: Solf
Lavignac: Solf

Lavignac: Solf
Lavignac: Solf
Loyalty Op136 - Shostakovich,D
Mozart: 7 Arias Altosop.Vce Pft
Mozart: Aria Book 1  Alto (Urtext)
Mozart: Sämtliche Lieder in Originaltonarten
Müller: Der Tritsch-Tratsch, Lumpazivagabundus
New Imperial Edition (Contralto Songs) - 2 CDs (Voice (alto))
New Imperial Edition (Contralto Songs), Voice & Piano
Nicola Vaccai: Metodo Pratico di Canto (Contralto/Bass) with CD
Operatic Arias for Contralto
Paul Dessau: Three Songs (Alto & Piano) (Voice (alto))
Petitgirard: Le Fou d'Elsa (alto)
Raxach: Paraphrase for Alto Voice and 11 Players
Riley: Cantata IV  Beastly Conceits (Voice (alto))
Rochberg: Songs of Inanna and Dumuzi (alto)
Rosa Mystica (Alto & Viola), Armin Knab
Saint-Saëns: Aria  Mon Coeur s'ouvre a ta Voix (Contralto) Bb Maj - Fr/Eng
Telemann: Ach Herr, strafe mich nicht
Tosti: 25 Altri Solfeggi