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24 Italian Songs & Arias of the 17th & 18th Centuries (Medium High Voice)
28 Italian Songs and Arias: Medium/High Voice
40 Songs From Elizabethan & Jacobean Song Books:4 (High)
Alfano: Corro come il Cervo muschiato (high)
Alfano: E'giunto il nostro ultimo Autunno (high)
Antonín Dvorák: Gipsy Songs, Op.55 (High Voice & Piano)
Arditi: Il Bacio (high)
Arrieu: Clowneries (high)
Art Song in English (High Voice & Piano)
Art Songs and Arias (High Voice & Piano), Leonard Bernstein
Aubade (high voice and piano) - Matthews, Colin
Ave Maria (high): Cherubini L.C.Z.M
Ave Maria (high): Gounod C
Beethoven: 30 Selected Songs (High Voice & Piano)
Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte (To the Distant Beloved), Op.98 (High)
Beethoven: Complete Songs (original keys) for High/Medium Voice
Bellini: Songs for Voice & Piano (high)
Berlioz: Les nuits d'été (Summer Nights), Op.7 (High Voice)
Berlioz: Songs with Piano for High Voice, Vol.1
Bernstein Theatre Songs, 49 Songs
Bernstein: Glitter and Be Gay from "Candide" (High Voice)
Bleuse: 2 Mélodies sur des Textes d'Arthur Rimbaud (high)
Bozza: 5 Chansons florentines (High Voice & Piano)
Brahms: 20 Famous Songs (High Voice & Piano)
Bridge: BLOW BLOW THOU WINTER WIND IN C (Voice (high))
Britten: Four Burns Songs (high voice and piano)
Britten: Poet's Echo, The (high voice and piano)
Bush: Five Spring Songs (High Voice & Piano)
Büsser: A Celle qui est trop gaie (High Voice and Piano)
Buzzi-Peccia: Lolita (high)
Cantolopera: Arie Sacre (High Voice)
Cardillo: Catarì! Catarì! (high)
Carissimi: Amor mio che cosa. High voice & continuo
Carissimi: Apritevi, inferni. High voice & continuo
Carissimi: Bel tempo per se. High voice & continuo
Carissimi: In un mar di pensieri. High voice & cont
Carissimi: Suonera l'ultima tromba. High voice/cont
Colaratura Album (High Voice & Piano)
Collected Songs (High Voice & Piano), Gerald Finzi
Copland: Old American Songs (Complete) for High Voice & Piano