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24 Italian Songs & Arias of the 17th/18th Cent (Med/ Low) Audio Access
30 Italian Songs and Arias (Medium/Low Voice) with CD
40 Songs From Elizabethan & Jacobean Song Books:2 (Low)
40 Songs From Elizabethan & Jacobean Song Books:4 (Low)
A Selection of Italian Arias 1600-1800 Volume 2 (Low Voice)
Alfano: 3 Liriche No.3  Antica Ninni-Nanna partenopea (low)
Aubade (low voice and piano) - Matthews, Colin
Bach/Gounod: Ave Maria (Voice & Piano), ed. Roger Nichols
Bellini: Songs for Voice & Piano (low)
Bernstein Theatre Songs, 47 Songs
Brahms: 20 Famous Songs (Low Voice & Piano)
Britten: Red Cockatoo, The (low voice and piano)
Cecil Armstrong Gibbs: Five Eyes, Op.9 No. 3 in G minor (Low Voice & Piano)
Cecil Armstrong Gibbs: Silver, Op.30/2 in E minor (Low Voice & Piano)
Collected Songs (Medium/Low Voice & Piano), Gerald Finzi
Cornelius: Christmas Songs Op.8 (low voice & piano)
Dessau: Fünf Lieder (Low Voice,Git)
Dvořák: Gipsy Songs, Op.55 (Low Voice & Piano)
Dvořák: Goin' Home, Op.95 ('New World' Symphony) Low Voice (English)
Dvořák: Goin' Home, Op.95 ('New World' Symphony) Low Voice (German)
Dvořák: Quand ma Mère m'apprenait...Op.55, No.4 (low)
English Songs: Renaissance to Baroque (Low Voice)
Favorite French Art Songs - Volume 1 (Low Voice)
Ghedini: La Quiete della Notte (low)
Gurney: Sleep (Low Voice & Piano) in G minor
Head: Sweet chance, that led my steps abroad (in D) Low Voice & Piano
Honegger: Mimaamaquim H192 (Low Voice & Piano)
Koldenhoven: Tune Your Voice (Low) Book and 7 CDS
Loewe: 15 Ballads and Songs Vol.1 (Low Voice)
Loewe: 15 Ballads and Songs Vol.2 (Low Voice)
Mahler: Wunderhorn-Lieder (15 Songs) for Low Voice & Piano
Malotte: Sing the Lord's Prayer with Orchestra (piano/organ/CD) - Low Voice
Mélodies (low): Chabrier E
Mélodies (low): Franck C
Mozart: Album of 29 Songs (Medium Low Voice)
Popular Ballads for Classical Singers (Low Voice)
Ralph Vaughan Williams: Linden Lea in F (Low Voice & Piano)
Rasbach: Trees (Low Voice in C)
Rogers: Sing the Songs of Rodgers and Hammerstein (LOW voice) Book & CD