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Agobet: Ciaccona (Woodwind & Others)
Air: Leroux P (Woodwind & Others)
Anon.: Promised Land (Woodwind & Others)
Arma: 3 Transparences UMP6353 (Woodwind & Others)
Arma: Divertissement No.18 (Woodwind & Others)
Barraine: Atmosph
Battaglia: Quand la Montagne s'
Berthier: Suite pour le Berger David (Woodwind & Others)
Beynon: Chocolate Moose (Woodwind & Others)
Blondeau: Non-Lieu II (Woodwind & Others)
Boone: Solar one (Woodwind & Others)
Borderieux: Petite Fugue
Bussotti: 2 Concertanti (Woodwind & Others)
Bussotti: Passo d'Uomo (Woodwind & Others)
Campana: Pezzo per Due (Woodwind & Others)
Capriccio: Lemeland A (Woodwind & Others)
Casado: Elkarrizketa (Woodwind & Others)
Chen: Energie spirale (Woodwind & Others)
Circus Parade: Dubois P.M (Woodwind & Others)
Connesson: Disco-Toccata (Woodwind & Others)
Constant: 9 Mars 1971  Hommage
Dao: Doi (Woodwind & Others)
Denisov: Avant le Coucher du Soleil (Woodwind & Others)
Duhamel: Divertissement
Duo: Denisov E (Woodwind & Others)
Durieux: Marges III (Woodwind & Others)
Dusapin: Laps (Woodwind & Others)
Eclipse: Dentresangle F (Woodwind & Others)
Erb: Drawing down the Moon (Woodwind & Others)
Erb: Sonata for Clarinet & Percussion (Score & Parts)

Francesconi: Plot in Fiction (Woodwind & Others)
Gavotte: Chailley J (Woodwind & Others)
Gentile: Flash back (Woodwind & Others)
Giraud: Duo pour Prades (Woodwind & Others)
Gorli: Le Mutevoli forme (Woodwind & Others)
Hersant: 8 Duos for Viola & Bassoon
Hersant: Duo Sephardim (Woodwind & Others)
Improvisation: Castro W (Woodwind & Others)
Jarrell: Aus Bebung (Woodwind & Others)